A makeover for the Vitality Points Monitor

A makeover for the Vitality Points Monitor

Introducing our freshly redesigned Vitality Points Monitor – a tool that puts your clients in control, equipping them with all the information they need about the points they earn.

What your clients can expect from the new points monitor

  • A breakdown of the points they have earned for all activities, and when they earned them
  • An explanation of why the fitness points earned through their device were allocated. This explanation will be based on step count and heart rate achieved, for example: whether the fitness points they earned counted towards their Vitality Active Rewards goal
  • An understanding of why they didn’t earn certain points. This will most likely be because they have reached their daily or yearly limits
  • The ability to choose the date range for the points they are interested in. This can go up to three months back at a time.

Some features from the old points monitor that clients no longer need will not be on the new version. These include:

  • A detailed breakdown of points earned by spouses and adult dependants. This is because of new regulations about privacy of personal information. Your clients will still see a summary of points they have earned as a family
  • A 12-month breakdown. Because of the detail the points monitor now supplies, clients will only be able to view three months’ worth of points at a time, yet can choose the date range they want to see.

Some clients not quite ready to let go of the old version?

If they want to, they can still access the old version of the points monitor. The link is available at the top of the new version.

Get your clients to log in to access their points monitor and to see their points breakdown.

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