Does the colour of your car influence your premium?


There’s a myth that has been working its way around about how the colour of a vehicle significantly impacts insurance costs, with the thinking that red or black cars cost the most to insure. In fact, this cannot be further from the truth. Discovery Insure CEO Anton Ossip explains…

“Actually, most insurers have very little interest in the colour of your car. What they do look out for is information about whether the driver has had any accidents in the past, the kilometres that are driven every year, where you live (an indicator of the risk of theft), as well as the vehicle type.

“Your premium is also partly based on the car’s retail value, the cost to repair it, and its overall safety record,” he says.

So you can put your worries to rest – just because you have a red car doesn’t mean that your premiums will be higher than a white car of the same brand.

On an unrelated note, did you know that the top three most popular car colours for Discovery Insure clients are white, silver and grey? Our data also shows that drivers with green cars have the least number of harsh events per kilometre while those with black cars have the most.

Whatever colour car you drive, be sure to stay safe on the road!

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